Electronic Cigarettes

When giving up smoking, many people find that the hardest part is knowing what to do with their hands. Although missing the nicotine can be difficult, there are pills, gum and patches that can help that to be easier. However, having something to hold and even to smoke can be difficult.

This is why many people choose to use electronic cigarettes. They can feel similar to smoking and you can put nicotine in them at different strengths so you can slowly wean yourself off. You can even get them with different flavours so you can enjoy the vapours more.

One big advantage of this over actually smoking is that the nicotine only goes in to the mouth and throat and not in to the lungs. It also has no tar to clog the lungs either. Obviously, giving it up completely is more healthy, but it is a good in between stage while you get used to the idea of giving up smoking.  Many people find that they help them to give up smoking by helping them to both control their cravings and remove the sense of loss that they get when they are no longer smoking.

There has been some controversy over electronic cigarettes with people thinking they look too realistic and make people think they can use them and smoke but in a healthy way. However, they are not marketed in this way and they are merely to be used as a tool to help quit smoking. There are no claims that they are completely healthy, just that they can help you to give up. Therefore they are a step towards being free of smoking and so can be extremely useful to anyone wanting to give up.

There are many brands, designs and flavours which means that there is something for everyone and so you are likely to find one that you like. It could be a big step in the right direction with regards to giving up smoking and help you to a smoke free life and all of the benefits that that will bring for you.

Using patches to Stop Smoking

If you want to give up smoking, you will find that there are many things that you can do to help. In fact you may find that there are so many things to choose form that you are not sure which to pick.

It is worth looking in to all the things available to see which you think might be most convenient for you. Many people choose the nicotine patches because they are easy. You just stick them on and then forget all about them. This can be better than remembering to take a tablet, for example or carrying an electronic cigarette with you. Of course, you may find that you want to try out a few things in order to see which works out best for you.

The patches are favoured by a lot of people because they slowly release nicotine. This means that you do not get such big nicotine cravings as when you give up smoking without them. The patches can be put in a place that is well hidden and so they do not need to be visible. They come in a selection of strengths and so you can choose one according to how many cigarettes you are used to smoking. They last from 16-24 hours and so you do not have to think about them very often.

The patches will not completely eliminate cravings, but they will help them to be a lot more manageable and many people find that they are an effective treatment. It is advised that they are used for three months after giving up. There are a selection of different brands to choose from.

If you are giving up smoking and are not sure which aid to choose then speak to a pharmacist or your GP and they will be able to advise you on what will fit in best with your lifestyle, budget and needs. They will be able to tell you how all of the products work and how much they cost. Some can only be bought on prescription but the patches are available from chemists.

Stop Smoking With Tablets

There are two different types of tablets that you can take to help you when you are giving up smoking. They are both only available on prescription and so you will need to speak to your GP before you start taking them.

You will be able to get microtabs from the chemist and they dissolve under the tongue and release nicotine. These are different to the prescription tablets. One type is called Champix and it helps to not only reduce cravings but also to stop you feeling so good when you smoke, if you do get tempted. Another type of tablet is Zyban and you take it for two weeks while you cut down what you smoke and then continue with it.

The drawbacks of both of these are that there are possible side effects. This is something that most people want to avoid from medication and so they may decide not to try them. However, just because some people get side effects, it does not mean that all people will. Your GP will be able to discuss with you what the side effects are and the chances of you getting them. Whether they will let you take the tablets will depend on your medical history.

The decision as to whether to use them or not will be yours, if your GP says that you are fit. You need to weigh them up with the other nicotine replacement therapies and decide which you think will be the best for you. It is important to know all your options and think about what will work. If you have tried to give up before, then you will have an idea about what you missed most about smoking and therefore which will help you the best.

If you have not tried to give up before then you may need to guess, but you can always change your method once you get started. It is important to keep in touch with your GP and discuss how successful you think things are going with the pills so that they can decide whether you need extra help or an alternative.

Using Champix to Quit Smoking

There are many different methods that people use to give up smoking. It is common for people to use a nicotine replacement where they continue to get a nicotine fix but without actually smoking. As nicotine is the addictive item in cigarettes, it can help to break the habit by reducing the amount of nicotine at the same time as not smoking. Many people find that giving up with no replacement very hard. A few people manage it, but there is no weakness associated with using something to help you, at least you are wanting to try to give up smoking.

An alternative to nicotine replacement is Champix. This is something which you will have to get on prescription form your GP. It is a 12 week treatment which helps to reduce cravings for nicotine and eliminates the withdrawal affects you get from cutting down on it. You tend to start taking it before you give up smoking, increasing the dose while reducing the amount of cigarettes until a week or two has passed and you are no longer smoking. It can cause nausea and sleep disturbances but is something that many people find is effective.

One very good thing about Champix is that it makes smoking less pleasurable. This means that once you are on a full dose of it, if you relapse, then you will not enjoy the sensation as much as you may have expected to have done. This could make a huge difference if you do get tempted. It will make you not enjoy the cigarette you are having, but could also change your perception of cigarettes so next time you are tempted you may decide not to go ahead.

It is more effective for some because they do not like the idea of reducing nicotine without something to replace it with or just find it too difficult to give up that way. There is no shame in going to your GP and explaining that you have tried many methods to give up and think this one might be better. They will have come across many people who have struggled to give up smoking and may have even had trouble with it themselves. They will not judge you, in fact they will be pleased that you are willing to give something a go.

There are other non nicotine drugs such as Zyban, but they can have more side effects and are not suitable for everyone, which is why it is best to consult with a GP.