Stop smoking tips

People who prepare a strategy before they set about actually giving up are always the most successful. So why not set yourself some goals………

Goal 1 – You have achieved this one! You are already thinking about giving up.

Goal 2 – Think about why you smoke

Goal 3 – Think about how you can stop – Prepare a plan and you will be much more likely to succeed.

Goal 4 – Set a quit date and stick to it.

Goal 5 – Stay stopped – change your attitude to smoking and your lifestyle forever.

The first few days

The first few days can be the hardest so try some our tips and hints………

Problem Solving

– Be honest with yourself – what’s the real issue
– Think about what you could be doing differently – then try it!
– Talk it through with someone you trust

Manage your time

– Sort out your daily goals and tasks
– Plan your time so that you can do the most important things first
– Make realistic plans for achieving your short and medium term goals

Put yourself first

– Do one thing everyday that’s ‘just for you’
– Say ‘No’ and don’t feel guilty about it
– Try to get plenty of sleep


– Take 10-15 minutes per day just for you
– Take long, slow, deep breaths
– Take quite time away from the family
– Do exercise – go swimming or walking or join a group
– Listen to music, read a book or do another of your hobbies

Keep motivated and happy

– Put the money you have saved in a jar and watch it grow
– Keep a diary or calendar and mark off each ‘Smoke free Day’
– Treat yourself – you deserve a reward!

Easy Way to Quit Smoking

Every smoker thinks that there is no easy way to quit smoking and they also know what happens to a cigarette filter after you finish smoking it. It’s all brown and full of impurities, but not all of those impurities are absorbed by the filter and they enter your lungs. Apart from these impurities there are other toxins that enter ones body and start to cause massive damage through out, and are the main cause of cancer and heart related diseases. Some of the carcinogens present in tobacco smoke include Tobacco-specific N-nitrosamines (TSNAs), Benzene, and Formaldehyde (used to preserve dead bodies). Other than carcinogens tobacco smoke also contains toxic metals like cadmium (used in batteries) and arsenic.

There are some poisonous chemicals present in tobacco smoke that include; ammonia (boosts the impact of nicotine, and is also found in pesticides and fertilizers), carbon monoxide, nicotine (which itself is poisonous) and hydrogen cyanide. Now that you know about all the harmful things contained in tobacco smoke, lets move on to the easy way to quit smoking.

The First Easy Way to Quit Smoking

For many, just reading all of this may be an easy way to quit smoking and for others this may be difficult to believe that all of these impurities and toxins are present in tobacco smoke, but it very well is true. Although the amounts of these substances are quite low, they tend to be life threatening in the long run. This does not at all mean that you smoke once in a while, or decide to smoke for a year or two and then stop because once you start doing it, it becomes a habit and you are bound by it. The effects of smoking start as soon as you inhale it for the first time, your lungs start absorbing the chemicals and the nicotine levels in your body start to rise and that’s what gives you the urge to smoke. You will also start to feel that you have lost all your stamina and that you cough more often, and of course let’s not forget yellowing teeth, blackened lips and the bad breath that comes hand in hand when you start smoking. Most importantly knowing all this will be an easy way to quit smoking as it will help you become more focused and will act as motivation.

The Second Easy Way to Quit Smoking

The easy way to quit smoking may be difficult than getting hooked on to it, but its all about understanding your mind and being so mentally strong that you don’t think about smoking at all. This can seem like an impossible thing to do, “not to think about smoking” but any one get do it once they know how. The thing with smoking is the fact that it’s mostly psychological, as in the urge in merely all in your head. Although there is a physical side to smoking its not as if you wont be able to wake up in the morning or do work if you stop smoking. It might seem that way, but it’s just because you are too busy thinking about smoking rather than doing any thing. Its all about not being dependent on anything as harmful as a cigarette to drive your life, the cigarette wont give you ideas, make you rich, help you concentrate, or even solve a dilemma you are in. It’s just going to leech away money and your life from you, and both are terrible things to loose.

The Third Easy Way to Quit Smoking

Now, we have all heard people saying that smoking makes them relaxed and that it reduces depression and relives them of any tension, it may be true, but then is there no easy way to quit smoking? Yes there is, there are so many other ways to reduce your worries and we take them for granted. For example, running is a great way to keep your mind free from the stress of daily life, once you get in the flow you can sweat your worries away, exercise is similar and it makes you feel fresh and more active and after all that at the end of the day its going to be great for your health. [Read more…]

Using Champix to Quit Smoking

There are many different methods that people use to give up smoking. It is common for people to use a nicotine replacement where they continue to get a nicotine fix but without actually smoking. As nicotine is the addictive item in cigarettes, it can help to break the habit by reducing the amount of nicotine at the same time as not smoking. Many people find that giving up with no replacement very hard. A few people manage it, but there is no weakness associated with using something to help you, at least you are wanting to try to give up smoking.

An alternative to nicotine replacement is Champix. This is something which you will have to get on prescription form your GP. It is a 12 week treatment which helps to reduce cravings for nicotine and eliminates the withdrawal affects you get from cutting down on it. You tend to start taking it before you give up smoking, increasing the dose while reducing the amount of cigarettes until a week or two has passed and you are no longer smoking. It can cause nausea and sleep disturbances but is something that many people find is effective.

One very good thing about Champix is that it makes smoking less pleasurable. This means that once you are on a full dose of it, if you relapse, then you will not enjoy the sensation as much as you may have expected to have done. This could make a huge difference if you do get tempted. It will make you not enjoy the cigarette you are having, but could also change your perception of cigarettes so next time you are tempted you may decide not to go ahead.

It is more effective for some because they do not like the idea of reducing nicotine without something to replace it with or just find it too difficult to give up that way. There is no shame in going to your GP and explaining that you have tried many methods to give up and think this one might be better. They will have come across many people who have struggled to give up smoking and may have even had trouble with it themselves. They will not judge you, in fact they will be pleased that you are willing to give something a go.

There are other non nicotine drugs such as Zyban, but they can have more side effects and are not suitable for everyone, which is why it is best to consult with a GP.